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Server Restructure!

SeracillaXLR8r ModAdminDonor posted Dec 13, 15

Hey all~! 

I’m sure you know who I am~ that one weirdo who thinks he is an admin < u> 

I’m here to let you know that Starting this weekend we will be Restructuring the Current build for our server, Now for all you people going "Ohh no! Wait are we going to loose Pokémon?!" or "Map reset?!" before it gets to far outta hand,


Now this is all good news, for NON staff members and Staff members Alike.

Starting with the NEGATIVES: 

Every month we drop over $280 Worth of Pokémon and items in the drop party system.

This is going to be changed, Starting THIS SATURDAY Legendary hunts will be reduced down to 2 Legendary’s a month, One Shiny and one non shiny. BOTH will be repeating the other, so if the first legendary is a Celebi, then the second will follow as a shiny Celebi

This is to ensure that we cycle through the Donor store Pokémon and not forget to spawn specific Pokémon over time. 

The Random legendary plugin will be Extended to ALL WEEKEND rather than just 24 hours that way you all have a longer chance to catch legendry’s on the server.

Donor items will not longer drop From Any drop party; Instead In game money rewards will be replacing them. That means you can get money and new items from the drop parties and they will continue to drop every Saturday. 

NOW!! Some returning features, 

Play to Stay Referral program!
The referral program was designed on as a way for our server to be advertised to there friends family, co workers, to refer new players on the server for fangtastic prizes that will be split among applicants, I will be revamping said program and it will make a comeback!

Pokémon Bi weekly Tournaments Sponsored by the server;
that’s right. We will be doing a bi weekly 3v3 Pokémon tournament every week we don't do a legendary hunt. Players who wish to compete in the tournament can win; first place is a Random shiny and 100k in game cash! Second place 12 candies and 50k in game cash! Third place a master ball and 10k in game cash! These are just starting Prizes and will be edited as things move along. 

Positive changes:

A lottery Plugin: this has been discussed a lot these passed few months; we are attempting to add one to the game. Please bare with me

1) Gym restructures: We will be redoing the current gym builds to attempt to balance the overall Player Meta. That’s right that means no more unbeatable Gym leaders! The following changes are going to be placed in effect.

Gym leaders will not be able to EV train there Pokémon UNLESS they are Gym 5 - 10
the list of gym’s in order from first to Finish will be. 

Gym 1: Grass/Bug -
Gym 2: Normal -
Gym 3: Fire/Fighting - 
Gym 4: Fighting/Steel
Gym 5: Water/ice -
Gym 6: Electric
Gym 7: Rock/Ground
Gym 8: Dragon/Flying
Gym 9: Psychic/Dark-
Gym 10: Bug/Poison -

Gym rules will also be updated; Gum rules now include ALL SMOGON CLAUSE RULES. That means you may not use illegal poke builds, No invalid Pokémon, ban list excluded. Legendary’s will remain blacklisted for gyms, you to give you an examples of all Smogon rules, Please visit and click on the RULES tab, 

Gyms will be placed inside the UU rule system, OU Pokémon WILL BE ALLOWED minus legendary’s of course, 

Sleep, poison, Para, and Burn Clause are in effect (overall its called Status Clause), you may not inflict status moves on more than 1 Pokémon (minus confusion) on a players Pokémon at a time.

Gym leaders Will be aloud 1 full restore Per battle
Players may NOT USE ANY HP or Status removing items. 

You will require a minim of 8 gym badges to Qualify for the Bi monthly Pokémon League Tournament


Now because of our Current gym builds and how buggy NPC battles are I and the other staff members have decided we cannot Address Players to run a official server wide Pokémon league,  

How the tournament works, Players who have Received a minimum of 8 badges may apply to Participate in the 6v6 elimination based tournament. 

Players will apply on the forums REGISTERING during a 24-hour window; you miss the window you may not participate, the league CAN BE CANCLED if we do not reach a minimum requirement of players. ((This tournament will be cancelled a bit I think until players can get All 8 NEW badges not old.))

Tournament rules will follow gym battle rules, however the twist is NO HELD ITEMS. Players may not Switch Pokémon during battle until 3 Pokémon are Defeated, No players may use any healing items period. 

The winner of the tournament will receive the Champion Prefix, And will grant access to /kit Champion where they will receive 32 rare candies, 3 master balls, 10 ranch upgrades, every 6 hours. This will be a champion exclusive kit; if the champion is defeated outside PLT he remains champion! Once the new Tournament is declared the Defending champion must use the same team they used in the previous PLT to battle Against the Challenging Player, if the defending champion wins he remains champion, if he looses he looses his Champion prefix and kit and it is passed to the new Champion. ONLY 1 PLAYER AT A TIME MAY HAVE THE CHAMPION TAG. THEY WILL GET TO CHOOSE A CUSTOM CHAMPION PREFIX. (Excluding Admin, and Owner colors.)

Staff changes; 

As of this moment All helpers are being Purged. Currently we have over 35 helpers in the helper group Who many are inactive those helpers will Purges Server side and New helpers will be Set, Active helpers Will be able to re apply and those who we Wish to allow to return will MINUS a few exceptions who will be notified that they are immune to the purge.

Builders, As of this moment All Builders are FIRED. Due to Lack of maintaining the set dates we asked for when making specific builds ((the reason why our new Spawn, is delayed)) we will be HIREING NEW STAFF for builders, our newly appointed 'head builder' Will be hired, Congratulations Legendaryglaceon you will be required to begin selecting Trust worthy players to gain access to our build server and begin building new builds. They must follow proper builder applications and you may NOT have an active ban dispute, Active identifies 6 weeks of either denied or accepted.

Moderators, there will be a Moderator opening shortly up to 3 positions will be Available. At the moment the only active moderator is TheBoogmiester. He will be Selecting from the Moderator Application second of the forums, NOT from current Staff, if current staff WISH to attempt to be promoted place FOLLOW THE PROPER APPLICATIONS. These new Candidates will be reviewed from Boogs selection; A few THelpers will not be aloud to place an application.

Staff effecting updates,
Staff members NOW HAVE an attendance timer, I hate to force you to play on the server however if you don’t want or don’t have the time to be here, we can find other people.

Helpers; You now may only Log off periodically for a time period of Under 4 days, if you are inactive for more than 5 days your position will be passed on to a Willing suitor.

Thelpers: the same Applies Except for special circumstances and proper LOA forums Sent to myself it will extend your aloud time offline TO 15 days, After so your position will be Removed and a NEW Thelper will be appointed.

Moderators, you now must be online within 15 days or your position will be removed and you can attempt to re apply, if you log on once every 14 days your position will be removed and given to someone who is more appreciative of the position. This does not apply for those with pre-approved time off. Moderators will now be provided an incentive for Playing known as /kit Mod, 10 candies a master ball and 20k a week. Plus a $10 Voucher for the forums,

an attempt to bring in some new content for the server,

we have been debating on adding MCMMO to the server, For one explicit reason, Factions.
on our server we have several Pokémon factions who cannot show what allegiance we have, Adding MCMMO would allow those players to CLAIM faction locations without the fear of grief and having to ask staff to world guard it. This is STILL UNDER SERIOUS DEBATE and it is not a 100% but it will allow Faction battles to begin Correctly rather than the silly spitting contest we have right now. Ps magma rules.



Additional buildings!

New spawn! Easy and simple not as big as what we have now! With an awesome under croft just like we used to have before!

A new Shop! I know many of you are unhappy with the shop we have now! It has been the same for way to long; we will reduce the size of the shop down to Better items. And ‘Exotic items’ will be removed from current shop. A donor only 6 item Sign shop will be added on Donor Island adding several rare items Available only for a week at a time, the same items will be available to non-donors for x3 the price in normal shop.

Donor Store Changes:
Free Random shinies – Removed
Lifetime Donor – Removed
Diamond Donor – Re added 1 year only $40
New purchasable Material’s and items will be added to game
Permanent Breeder rank – removed!
Those who have /kit Breeder will once again have to pay for it MONTHLY
/kit Fireworks will be added it will grant fireworks Kits.
Many other Kits Inbound.

That’s it! Thank you for all of you for reading this! If you have any questions please leave a comment,

But as always later days~

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Hey all! 

The server is now running Pixelmon Version 3.5.1! Lots of new pokemon added and bugs fixed :P

See you all on there <3

wyvern715 I tried to install it but it says I can't get on

The Server is Online once again!!

SeracillaXLR8r ModAdminDonor posted Nov 25, 15

Thank you very much for waiting guys!

everything transsfered sucsessfully with absol-utly no hiccups! 

You might have noticed that the IP: isn't showing a connection bar, ITS BEING FIXED!!!

however you can still join the server with the VERY old IP: 

For anyone who is worried, nothing was lost! Everything you had when the server went down this morning will be the same when you log back on! the server will go down again abit later this evening to update us to the most current version of 1.7.10! So get ready to download the The most current Version of Pixelmon - 3.5.1 - 1.7.10!!

Enjoy and as always~ Later days! 

bigaves01 Absol-utely Onix-pected ;3
yoshicoolman The kiwiserversmc isn't working for me.


[Owner] KiwiFisher Owner posted Jul 24, 15

Hey guys!

I haven't posted an update in a while, so here it is!

The launch of From Ashes has gone very well! We have had 907 users log in in just a few weeks! The community has really come back to life and I have become a lot more active. A LOT of old players have come back, which is great to see.

We are currently implementing gyms as our current task..

Things on the way:

  • New in game shop
  • New spawn
  • New staff applications
  • Custom plugins for making money from beating pokemon

There is currently a 30% off everythng sale in the donor store until Monday! All donations are appreciated <3

If you have any questions or requests, please post them here and I'll get back to you ASAP.


Splashduckk KiwiFisher i have a question when and where can we try out for now gym leader
NUK3TOWN_ When are Gym leader Applications going to be reviewed?


[Owner] KiwiFisher Owner posted Jun 3, 15

Hello dearest Pixelmon players!

I have big news in ways of the servers growth, so please take the time to read through all of this!

The staff team and I have agreed that KiwiServersMC is, well... dead. In our eyes it is beyond the point of revival. We however do not think that this is because we have a bad server. We know for a fact that we dont. I would like to take full blame for the current state of the server, compared to what it once was. It is down to the fact that I got very busy in real life with university, relationships, sport and my other sevrer, Tunnels, and ended up neglecting this server.

However, do not fear! This is not the death of this server, because as like a phoenix does after it's death, we are rising from the ashes! I have taken many hours to rebuild my idea of the PERFECT Pixelmon server. It has many features from the current server still in, plus many more AWESOME features, as well as a lot of cr*p removed. This new server will be launched under a new brand, or From Ashes MC! ( - WIP) 

Now, for the important part.

The map WILL be reset - HOWEVER, current players will be able to request to have builds moved across instead of recieving a compensation pack to get them up to speed on the new server. 

Pokemon WILL BE KEPT! When you join the server you will be promted as to which server's Pokemon you would like to transfer. The server will then kick you for 1 minute and upon rejoining you will have your part and PC as they were. NOTE: Held items may not transfer well, so please remove them to avoid corruption.

I am yet to do testing with inventories, so will update you all when I know more.

You will be able to play on the server at PLAY.FROMASHESMC.COM when it is open in a few days.

Thanks for you patience and loyalty <3



KingTinker Will there be a different website for the new server or will we still use kiwiserversmc?
ZonexXxWishmake the things that i need to pack i cant sell, and are building materials for my town that i already packed up
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